About NMEN.

Our Mission:

"To participate in a growing global movement that is unapologetically engaging in dialogue, and action, to raise the public's understanding of men's issues, rights and equality. We believe that, with the benefit of increased understanding, change is possible."

The Norfolk Men's Equality Network (NMEN) is a local meet-up group, open to both sexes, in the Norfolk (UK) area. Our regular meet-ups provide an opportunity for likeminded people to come together, socialise and brainstorm ways to better accomplish our mission.

We will soon reach beyond our region and contribute to the global conversation through unique online projects and material.

NMEN was established at the start of 2017, immediately following Norwich's successful screening of Cassie Jaye's award-winning documentary film about the Men's Rights Movement & gender equality: 'THE RED PILL'

Without her masterpiece, NMEN would almost certainly not exist. Thank you, Cassie.